Maikelele Dreamhack
Maikelele Dreamhack

G2 took the world by storm as they sailed to the semi-final in the Cluj-Napoca major.

But after rumors spread that the team was considering ripping out with Ricardo Fox Pacheco, the star Mikail Maikelele Bill takes the magazine out of mouth and roars.
We will not remove fox, and we have never considered doing it, he writes on Twitter.

G2 received a response to Team EnvyUs after the far-fetched match of the year’s last major. Before, but especially during the dramatic semifinal, the world fell for G2’s sporadic game style.

Focusing on the players’ individual skill rather than stiff-set tactics, the team managed to defeat, among other things, Virtus.Pro during their way to the semi-finals. In this match against Team EnvyUs, it was primarily the Portuguese AWP star, Ricardo Fox Pacheco, who sparkled with unmatched rounds.

However, rumors are rumored about the future of the player. During Wednesday, the spread of these rumors continued until Swedish Mikail Maikelele Bill went to Twitter to tell her about the rumors.

To all who believe in the one who has been crazy about me all day, we will not remove fox, and we never considered doing it, he writes.

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